Gallery School

Gallery School is a Southern Alberta Art Gallery (SAAG) Education Program that runs from September to June and creates connections between contemporary art and the Alberta curriculum. SAAG offers a 90 minute program, featuring an in depth tour of the current exhibition and a cross-curricular activity that uses art as a platform for student exploration and creativity!  All of these programs were developed with the help of teachers and are meant not only to meet art curriculum objectives but also to encourage students to make connections to other areas of study.  Gallery School promotes inquiry-based learning and fosters creativity to help students focus on their observation skills and ability to express themselves through art activities.

When is Gallery School?

Gallery School runs from September through to June each year.  

60 minute program
Available tours subject to exhibition durations
K-12 schools
$50 per tour

This unique educational program is available throughout the school year according to the gallery's exhibition durations. It fosters creativity and inquiry-based learning to help students develop their observational skills and improve their ability to express their ideas and feelings as young learners. Each program is designed to enrich any K-12 classroom experience and involves a high-energy tour of the current exhibitions followed by a hands-on art experience.

NOTE: If the provided times do not work, please contact Emily Promise Allison at epromiseallison@saag.ca to make other arrangements.

How many students can participate in a program?

In order to ensure program quality, a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30 students per program is required.

How many adult supervisors do we need?

We encourage a ratio of one supervising adult to every five students.

How do I book a Gallery School program?

For all booking requests, please call Emily Promise Allison, Public Engagement Coordinator at 403.327.8770 ext. 29 or email epromiseallison@saag.ca.  All program visits must be booked at least two weeks in advance.

What do I need to book a Gallery School program?

Please have the following information ready at the time of booking:

•    Preferred date(s) and time(s)
•    Grade, number of students, number of special needs students, number of adult supervisors
•    Contact email-address and phone number

A confirmation notice and booking details will be emailed to the teacher who made the booking.

How much does it cost?

Each Gallery School program visit costs a flat rate of $50. Full payment is due upon arrival. SAAG accepts MasterCard, Visa, Amex, cash, cheque and debit as methods of payment.

How do we get to the gallery?

SAAG has a limited transportation fund and can provide school bus transportation to and from schools for as long as the funds permit.  For more information about booking, please email epromiseallison@saag.ca. If you are driving, long-term parking is available at the green parking meters to the west of the gallery. 

Once our visit is booked is there any preparation I can do with my class?

Absolutely!  We have put together a great worksheet with useful terms and a brief introduction on the exhibitions at the gallery.  It also has some ideas for activities your class can do after they have participated in gallery school.

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