As we near the halfway point of our Live Art. Love SAAG. campaign, we are thrilled to update our community and supporters with our progress to date. This three-year fundraising campaign has seen incredible success, and our community has generously contributed nearly $700,000 to our $1 million goal.

Because of you, we are better positioned to contribute to our city’s advancement as an exciting, vital, and innovative place to call home. We are eager to share more experiences with art both in and out of the gallery: more classes for students of all ages; more artists from broader geographic origins; and more opportunities for community collaboration.

We are fortunate to have a large community of individuals, businesses, and organizations who support us in a variety of ways. This includes:

Gifts in-kind: Some of our most important programs and activities rely on gift in-kind donations, such as the artwork donated by generous artists in support of our annual Art Auction or discounted rates on goods and services from local partners.

Volunteers: SAAG has a robust volunteer program, with 50+ volunteers donating more than 1100 hours annually. These volunteers include Board Members, Campaign Cabinet Members, Installation Assistants, Librarians, Bartenders, and more.

Public Engagement: There is perhaps no greater competition than the one for someone’s time. We truly appreciate the thousands of people who annually visit our galleries, attend our events, listen to lectures, take in our films, join us on our Art & Culture Tours, purchase items in The Shop at SAAG, and register in our education programs.

Membership: Many of our biggest supporters have been coming to SAAG for 40 years, and without this dedicated audience we would not be the vibrant organization we are today.

Monthly & Recurring Gifts:
consistent giving allows both our donors and SAAG to plan ahead. Ranging from $10 a month to $500+ a year, we are grateful to the people who have made SAAG a part of their monthly or annual giving.

Corporate Sponsorship: More than 100 organizations support a variety of initiatives, and we love working with our corporate partners on their marketing objectives while supporting the vision of a community with arts and culture at its core.

Legacy Gifts: SAAG’s Legacy Giving program is designed for individual gifts of $10,000 or more. In conjunction with launching this program, we developed a limited edition 40th Anniversary Print Portfolio, which is presented to each of our Legacy donors. The portfolio is a celebration of our history, the hundreds of artists who have generously shared their work with us, and this place – southern Alberta.

City of Lethbridge:
The bridge funding of $248,000 that was committed for 2015 – 2018 by the City of Lethbridge became the catalyst for our Live Art. Love SAAG. campaign. This one-time allocation allowed us to overcome provincial funding reductions, work with Fund Development consultants, and restructure our organization to successfully launch the campaign last January.  In May 2017 City Council approved the gallery’s application to the Capital Improvement Program for SAAG Facility Enhancements.

Since launching the Live Art. Love SAAG.
campaign in January 2016…
  • A one-time allocation of $248,000 from the City of became the catalyst for launching the Live Art. Love SAAG. campaign.
  • SAAG has received $153,200 of gift-in-kind support from individuals and corporate partners
  • The value of volunteered time is approximately $39,600, based on an estimated value of $24 per volunteer hour
  • Attendance figures at SAAG continue to increase and we are always seeking new and easier ways for our audiences to engage with arts and culture.
  • $87,000 has been raised through attendance at our annual fundraising events such as Craft Beer Friday, Craft Beer Festival and Art Auction
  • Membership levels remain consistent, and there are now more benefits to membership than ever before! In addition to free admission, discounts on programs, savings in The Shop at SAAG, and perks with local business partners, members can now attend programs such as Articulations for free!
  • More than 400 people purchase an annual membership at SAAG
  • We have seen a tenfold increase in monthly donations
  • We have received $57,000 in corporate sponsorship
  • 22 donors have pledged support at the Legacy level, with $232,000 being committed over the next five years
  • We have received $70,000 in other individual donations, including monthly gifts
  • $2.7 million was committed by the City of Lethbridge for our Facility Enhancement Project to begin in 2018


Thank you to all of the individuals, businesses, and public organizations who have contributed to the Live Art. Love SAAG. campaign. The gifts of time, money, goods, services, enthusiasm, and encouragement have collectively propelled us to reach 70% of our campaign goal.

There is still much work to be done to cultivate the shared vision of a city with arts and culture at its core. In the next 18 months, we endeavour to reach our $1 million goal, and we need your support. We recognize that everyone has different philanthropic objectives, financial abilities, and personal interests. We are dedicated to working with you to connect your passions our community, and your interests with those of the gallery.

If you recognize the value of culture in shaping meaningful lives, and want to be a part of SAAG’s exciting future, there are many easy ways to show your support:

Visit us: Seeing our current exhibitions, participating in our programming, or attending an event are just a few of the ways you can “live art” in your everyday life. Share the love and bring a friend!

Become a member: receive free admission, discounts on programming, stay up to date with our newsletter, and more!

Monthly & Recurring Gifts: consistent giving whether $10 or $100 per month, allows both you and SAAG to plan ahead.

Donations & Major Gifts: every donation immediately impacts SAAG and our community, be it an outright gift, a gift-in kind, a gift of your time, a pledge, or a deferred gift.

To discuss other ways that you can get involved, or how opportunities can be tailored to suit your philanthropic goals and needs, please contact:

Kristy Trinier, Executive Director | 403-327-8770 ext. 26
[email protected]

Marie Takahashi, Development Coordinator | 403-327-8770 ext. 27
[email protected]