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Body Collective Opening Reception

May 11, 06:00pm - 09:00pm


Body Collective MFA/BFA Exhibition Opening | Craft Beer Friday


Presented by Subaru of Lethbridge

In partnership with Andrew Hilton, Wine & Spirits, Two Guys and a Pizza Place, and CKXU.

Free admission

Join us for our Summer Craft Beer Friday: Takeover series and celebrate the return of warm weather with some crisp craft brews! Each Takeover event is a unique partnership between SAAG and a great local organization and features an evening of brews hand-picked by SAAG staff and the craft brew connoisseurs at Andrew Hilton.

In May, our Craft Beer Friday coincides with the Opening of the University of Lethbridge Fine Arts MFA/BFA Exhibition curated by University of Lethbridge Fine Arts student, Courtney Faulkner. We are also proud to be partnering with a great organization – Last Chance Cat Ranch.

Body Collective

Daylen Chupik, Hana Falconer, Brady Gleeson, Elexandra Greaves, Alison Grigg, Danin Lawrence, Tara Lynn MacDougall, Angeline Simon, Grace Wirzba, Migueltzinta Solís, Laurel Scott, Meghan MacWhirter, Gary Uchikura, Kylie Fineday, Rachel Lee

Curated by Courtney Faulkner

The body is an intelligent site through which we can know things. Body Collective contemplates the physical connection of the artists in the exhibition, through conversation between artworks in the gallery and with the communal environment they were created in. The students work intimately in an open studio, influencing one other through support, critique and collaboration. This setting, focused on growth and exploration, is a crucial developmental stage of each artists' body of work. The exhibition centers on these relationships. 

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