Lyla Rye: Cyclorama

December 1, 2014

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Lyla Rye: Cyclorama
Contributors: Caiomhe Morgan-Feir, James Campbell

Cyclorama is the happy outcome of a collaboration between the Southern Alberta Art Gallery and the Visual Arts Centre of Clarington (VAC), and the multi-talented artist, Lyla Rye.  Featuring still images, single channel videos, and mixed media installations, Cyclorama looks to the theatrical curtain as a device to conflate illusion and reality, dreaming and wakefulness, audience and participant.  Between the "cyclorama," typically a concave curtain at the rear, and the front curtains framing the scene, the stage becomes a liminal zone between everyday life and the imaginary world at play. 

Visual Arts Centre of Clarington | Southern Alberta Art Gallery (2014) 176 pp 58 col. ill. 9.75 x 6.75 in soft cover 9781894699624  $30.00 Can. $35.00 U.S.

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