Lylian Klimek   Sculpture

October 17, 1987 - November 25, 1987

Curator: Joan Stebbins
Organized by the Southern Alberta Art Gallery with funding assistance from the Alberta Art Foundation.

Lylian Klimek’s component- based sculpture recalls archaic structures and primitive forms of architecture. However, while the barrows and dolmans of Britain, as well as the remains of native and pioneer settlements discovered in rural Saskatchewan and are acknowledged influences, Klimek uses materials and processes to suggest architectonic forms with without borrowing from any cultural precedent. She chooses the formal qualities to recommend possible meanings, to both express and elicit a subjective response, rather than direct quotation or representation.

The resulting combination of geometric structure and loose organic form invests the work with a quality of timelessness and mystery similar to that of rough stones placed in a perfect circle or the improbable verticality of abandoned man-made structures on the flat prairie landscape. Freed form any particular locations in either time or space, these works are as much about eastern philosophy as western archaeology, as much about the future as they are about the past. “They are ambiguous forms and you can read into them a lot of different things,” say the artist. Through a transformative, alchemic process, Klimek is able to merge the disparate qualities of ordered format and chaotic material to produce works that become archetypal symbols of man’s relationship to nature.

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