Tim Watkins, Stephen Schofield, Jana Sterbak, Rene Pierre Allain, Perry Bard, Diana Gubbay, Susanna Heller, Shelagh Keeley, Medrie MacPhee, Francois Morelli, Nancy Smith, Gail Swithenbank, Brian Wood   Post-Marked New York

December 6, 1986 - January 25, 1987

Curator: Joan Stebbins

This exhibition includes drawing by fourteen Canadian artists living and working in New York: Rene Pierre Allain, Perry Bard, Christian Eckhart, Dianna Gubbay, Susanna Heller, Shelagh Keeley, Medrie MacPhee, Fracois Morelli, Stephen Schofield, Nancy Smith, Jana Sterbak, Gail Swithenbank, Tim Watkins, and Brian Wood.  Drawing was chosen as the exhibitions title suggests, got its transportability, but also for its quality of immediacy and for what it can reveal about an artist’s methods. Some of the drawings seen here are self-contained artworks, other are working drawings for sculpture or painting, parts of ongoing series or of installations. Still other represent journalistic visual note-taking that is habitual to many artists. No thesis is represented in terms of content, imagery or media. The exhibition is, instead, a sampling of a rich body of work being produced in New York and here presented in an ironic, reverse ambassadorial context.

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