Mailing Address

Southern Alberta Art Gallery
601 Third Avenue South
Lethbridge, Alberta
T1J 0H4

T 403 327 8770
F 403 328 3913
Email: info at saag.ca


Ryan Doherty, Director/Curator
403 327 8770 ext. 26
rdoherty at saag.ca

Danielle Tait, Associate Director
403 327 8770 ext. 22
dtait at saag.ca

Clayton Smith, Public Engagement Coordinator & Preparator
403 327 8770 ext. 25
csmith at saag.ca

Kasia Sosnowski, Visitor Services Coordinator
403 327 8770 ext. 21
ksosnowski at saag.ca

Corlee Torok, Fund Development Coordinator
403 327 8770 ext. 23
ctorok at saag.ca

Ildikó Barraclough, Visitor Services Assistant
403 327 8770 ext. 21
ibarracloughat saag.ca

Jon Martin, Communications Coordinator
403 327 8770 ext. 28
jmartin at saag.ca

Emily Promise Allison, Public Engagement Coordinator
403 327 8770 ext. 29
epromiseallison at saag.ca

Jessica Humphries, Administrative Coordinator
403 327 8770 ext. 24
jhumphries at saag.ca

Board of Directors

Carol Williams, Chair
Urvil Thakor, Chair Elect
Ryan Stevenson, Treasurer
Lauren Gallimore, Director
Cara Varzari, Director
Myra Sorochan, Director
Carol Beatty, Director
David Cocks, Past Chair
If you have any inquiries for the Board of Directors or are interested in joining our Board of Directors, please contact: chair at saag.ca.


Call for Nominations for the SAAG Board of Directors:

Mission: The Southern Alberta Art Gallery fosters the work of contemporary artists who challenge boundaries.  SAAG encourages broad public engagement and promotes awareness and exploration of artistic expression.  Our work extends to local, national and international communities.  

Board Member Obligations

All board members are expected to attend bi-monthly board meetings and committee meetings as required. All regularly scheduled board meetings are two hours in length. 

All board members are expected to attend the annual Board Retreat (first weekend of November) and other board development opportunities as they arise. 

All board members are required to sign a standard confidentiality form.

All board members are expected to provide a gift (financial or other) to SAAG on an annual basis. The expectation is 100% board participation by the annual Art Auction (mid September)

Term: 2 years in length, can serve up to two consecutive terms (4 years)

Application form

Skills Matrix

Please email a completed application form, skills matrix, and a resume by April 6th, 2018 to: chair@saag.ca