Zin Taylor and Dieter Roelstraete | Black Stool: Crystal Vibrations

March 14, 2019 - March 16, 2019
Join Zin Taylor and Dieter Roelstraete for a generative program of workshops, talks and a tape-producing, gong-ringing, DJ dance party in conjunction with the launch of their book Lavender Glass. 
Evolving from the premise of conversation generating form, Roelstraete and Taylor will be special guests at the March 14th Bletcher Hour where Roelstrate’s texts on the history of gongs and bells in art and music will be up for discussion.
On Friday March 15, Roelstraete and Taylor will participate in a collaborative Art Now lecture in partnership with the University of Lethbridge.
To cap off their visit on March 16, Roelstraete and Taylor will host Black Stool: Crystal Vibrations. Assimilating 1960’s hippie and experimental musical culture with the artwork of Zin Taylor, Black Stool will feature a book-making workshop, musical and spoken-word performances by the artists, and specially-made recordings distributed on lavender cassette tapes. At 7 PM, the workshop will evolve into a dance party with food, drink, and a performance by Edmonton-based, weirdo-synthpop band Physical Copies. 
Zin Taylor is an artist born in Calgary and currently based in Paris. Spanning sculpture, painting, drawing, collage, video and sound, Zin Taylor’s work revisits the process, construction and inscription of form through specific cultural histories. Taylor has presented solo exhibitions throughout Europe and North America and was recently featured in the 2017 National Gallery of Canada’s 2017 Canadian Biennial. Writing by Zin Taylor, and his artist books, have been published by Sternberg Press (Berlin), Bywater Bros. Editions (Port Colborne), Mousse Publishing (Milan), Karma (New York), and Artforum (New York).
Dieter Roelstraete is the curator at the Neubauer Collegium for Culture and Society at the University of Chicago. His curatorial interests concern the relationship between art and politics, art as a species of knowledge, art work as intellectual labor, and the conception of exhibition-making as a form of writing. As a critic and theorist, he has lectured and published extensively on the art & research nexus, as well as the “problem” of pleasure in art. Other long-standing research interests concern the realist tradition and the enigma of thingness. Roelstraete was initially trained as a philosopher at the University of Ghent in Belgium; the long history of art’s tangled relationship with philosophy decisively colors much of his curatorial and critical work.

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