Koko'sinnooniksi Omaniiyaawa | Our Children Speak the Truth

May 19, 2018 - June 9, 2018

May 19 to June 9
Opening Reception:
May 19 | 4 to 6 PM


In 2017 a unique connection was made whereby students and teachers began a correspondence between two cities as a creative initiative to better understand the indigenous culture of Southern Alberta. One year later, this thoughtful and artistically demanding collaborative concept returns to our gallery in the form of paintings, drawings, and mixed media art works. The event is a celebration of local indigenous perspectives on youth by youth. This year the spotlight is on a group of students attending Lethbridge’s Gilbert Paterson Middle School and Bob Edwards Junior High in Calgary.


“A group of Blackfoot students from Gilbert Paterson Middle School in Lethbridge and a diverse group of students from Bob Edwards Junior High in Calgary and have been working together to explore, experience, and understand Blackfoot Ways of Knowing through foundational teachings around Blackfoot culture and history taught by Blackfoot educators and Blackfoot elders. The students also worked closely with various Indigenous visual artists to learn about different art making processes and then they created their own art pieces. These art pieces symbolize and honor the student’s understandings and process of learning together about Blackfoot Ways of Knowing. As we are located on traditional Blackfoot territories, our students from both schools and the teachers working with the two schools have embraced the teachings of Blackfoot Ways of Knowing. This special project between the two schools and school districts, has been honored with a Blackfoot name through a traditional Blackfoot Naming Ceremony, with elders Bruce Wolf Child and Mary Fox from Kainaiwa, Blood Tribe. The Blackfoot name that was gifted to the project is “Koko’sinnooniksi Omaniiyaawa” and it translates to “Our Children Speak the Truth”. This very special collaborative, creative and educational process was all about the students learning journey and so we honor the students and their journeys to understanding Blackfoot Ways of Knowing guided by an appreciation for learning together, and respect for each other. I am deeply inspired by the students and feel very proud of the work they have created.”

Andrea T.J. Fox
District Principal of F.N.M.I. Education

Lethbridge School District No. 51 


Koko'sinnooniksi Omaniiyaawais a collaboration between Gilbert Paterson Middle School (Kainai Board of Education) and Bob Edwards Junior High (Calgary Board of Education) in partnership with the Southern Alberta Art Gallery.

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