Into the Streets: Festival Art Series

June 10, 2019 - July 30, 2019

Curated by Jane Edmundson & Tyler Stewart

The mission of the SAAG’s Into the Streets Public Art Series is to embed art, creativity, livability, and social responsibility within public space, and to facilitate possibilities for creative, engaging experiences for residents of Lethbridge. We believe this series also aligns with the City of Lethbridge's Downtown Vision Statement, by contributing to the vibrancy, openness, accessibility, and diversity of downtown. By pairing this series with free, public events and festivals that are open to all, we are able to reach audiences who may not typically participate in the arts programming of our city's formalized galleries. We want to bring a sense of wonder, joy and amazement to the streets of Lethbridge in places where the public might not typically feel those emotions. By partnering with local events and festivals that already have a built-in attendance of thousands, this series will reach a larger and more diverse audience than if the series was run as a stand-alone project.

Project #1 - AJA Louden, Student Mural Program Partnership with Helen Schuler Nature Centre and L'École La Vérendrye

Student Workshop - June 10 to 13, 2019
Upper Victoria Park Neighbour Day Festival - June 15, 2019

During a four-day workshop, AJA Louden will help students of École La Verendrye creatively express what they have learned throughout the year while working through the curriculum of the Helen Schuler Nature Centre’s Natural Leaders Project, which addresses issues of water ecosystems and security. Louden and the students will work together to design and spray-paint a public mural that will be temporarily displayed on the perimeter fence outside of the school. During Neighbour Day, neighbourhood residents, the school’s students and parents, and visitors from across the city will be able to experience the collaborative artwork, which will be inspired by the flow of a piece of wildstyle graffiti and the natural power of water, specifically the importance of the Oldman Watershed to Lethbridge.

Organized by the Southern Alberta Art Gallery and guest-curated by Jane Edmundson and Tyler Stewart.

Project #2 - The PRGM, The Duelling Doors Wide Skies Music & Arts Festival
July 30, 2019

The PRGM’s The Door is a custom, prototype gateway to the unknown...or better described as an augmented, known reality. Picture a standard front door – white, with a small window at the top and a brushed aluminum handle. Now, picture this door in the middle of a busy road, walkway or park. If you open this door, you’re sure to know what’s on the other side. However, when you open this door you will discover an augmented version of the other side, and each time you close and reopen the door a different experience awaits, utilizing cameras and custom animation to create an augmented reality. The technology allows users to interact with the experience in real-time, individually, or in groups.

In this custom adaption of The Door for Wide Skies Music & Arts Festival, two doors will be placed near each other and custom animations will connect the two devices in a hot and cold/inside and outside/Winter and Summer/dark and light motif. When festival-goers open The Duelling Doors, a different, yet connected, experience awaits them.

Funding assistance is provided by the Canada Council for the Arts, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, the City of Lethbridge, and the City of Lethbridge Public Art Small Projects Program.

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