William Bachinski, Barbara Ballachey, Sally Barbier, Derek Michael Besant, David Bolduc, Thérèse Bolliger, Eva Brandl, David Buchan, Catherine Burgess, Sorel Cohen, Adrian Cooke, Nancy Edell, Rick Evans, Don Foulds, Rick Gorenko, Lynne Hunter-Johnston, Stephen Hutchings, Jack Jeffery, Terence Johnson, Robert Keziere, Brian Kipping, Ron Kostyniuk, Bill Laing, Tonie Leshyk, William Kurelek, Suzy Lake, Allan MacKay, Landon Mackenzie, George Markel, Walter May, Irene McCaugherty, Pauline McGeorge, Don McVeigh, Carroll Moppett, Joey Morgan, Reinhard Reitzenstein, Susan Schelle, John Scott, Cynthia Short, Ron Shuebrook, Jeffrey Spalding, David Thauberger, Nick Wade, David Wharton, Mary Shannon Will   Looking Back II

July 9, 1994 - August 28, 1994

Organized by the Southern Alberta Art Gallery in cooperation with the University of Lethbridge Art Gallery with funding assistance from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts

In 1996 the Southern Alberta Art Gallery will celebrate twenty years of exhibitions. This retrospective survey highlights the second five-year period of that history, a period of tremendous upheaval in the visual arts and one that saw among other things, a return to figurative imagery by painters, the development of the installation as a prominent art form, and a rediscovery of folk or primitive art. The exhibition was put together using works borrowed from both the artists and the University of Lethbridge collections. Among the many artists whose work SAAG exhibited from 1981 to 1985 are such well known Albertans as Barbara Ballachey, Derek Besant, John Hall, Ron Kostyniuk, Bill Laing, Brent Laycock, Walter May, Irene McCaugherty, Carroll Moppett, Orest Semchishen and Mary Shannon Will.

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