Danielle Sauvé   Danielle Sauvé

May 4, 1994 - June 3, 1994

Organized by the Southern Alberta Art Gallery with funding assistance from The Canada Council

Montreal sculptor Danille Sauve's work addresses the formal preoccupations of traditional sculpture - volume, gravity, balance - while hinting at knowledge of the most intimate secrets about the elements which compose our physical and psychic environments. The construction of these sculptures contains direct references to furniture and thus they seem familiar; their private aspect is inclusive, an invitation to memory and association, rather than self-contained or closed. They reveal their secrets slowly, however, relying on the viewer's physical movement around them and on the radical transformations that result from multiple viewpoints. Often telescoping in unforeseen directions, the effects is similar to that felt in remembrance, or upon awakening from a dream. Sauve's preoccupation is with memory and the interiorization of events in our relationship with the world.

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