Patrick Traer   Plush

May 4, 1994 - June 3, 1994

Organized by the Southern Alberta Art Gallery with funding assistance from The Canada Council

For some time, Saskatoon artist Patrick Traer has been investigating the idea of the human body in the context of contemporary ideologies. On the one hand, there is its mounting obsolescence in the face of technological sophistication; on the other, the increasing immunological deficiency of the population, which has forced us to reconsider its vulnerability- the body as the locus of dynamic and disruptive activities, of a kind of fluid chaos that is in conflict with the rationally ordered world we constantly strive to create. In Plush, Traer juxtaposes fourteen seductively upholstered divans with a large sign admonishing the viewer not to touch. In our culture, which places a high priority on the visual at the expense of the material, the push and pull effect of this work is almost second nature, Traer's work suggests a body that exists, if at all, at the intersection or corporeal experience and social exchange.

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