Panya Clark   Like Ancient Pots...

March 12, 1994 - April 24, 1994

Curator: Joan Stebbins

Toronto artist Panya Clark’s interest lies in the de-contextualization and re-contextualization of objects and the way in which they are mediated into our lives, especially in museum settings or through photographic representation. Having worked at the Royal Ontario Museum, she is familiar with display techniques and the art of simulation. Her re-creations of objects and the settings she designs for them create a kind of virtual reality which, although a complete fabrication without even material integrity, is the product of painstaking manufacture. Her making of these things is analogous to and a criticism of the manufacturing of meaning through the image-plus-text media with which we are constantly bombarded. The source material for this installation was a photograph in National Geographic magazine accompanied by the caption: “Like ancient pots spilled from a drowned ship, tube sponges’ bulge eerily …” In this instance, Clark has recreated not only the objects in question, but the metaphor itself, in a three-dimensional construct.

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