Jeffery Norgren   Flock

December 4, 1993 - January 16, 1994

Organized by the Southern Alberta Art Gallery with funding assistance from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts

Jeffrey Norgren is a young Calgary artist and graduate of the Alberta College of Art whose installations have received positive critical notice from both his peers and art writes. Norgren's work makes reference to our environments and suggests that we are often unaware of our surroundings. The artist frequently does site-specific installations in which he alters everyday work spaces using corrugated cardboard. The cardboard surfaces are manipulated to reconstruct image of recognizable objects including portraiture. Norgren has exhibited his work at Stride Gallery in Calgary, and at Gallery 101 in Ottawa. Recently he was selected by La Chambre Blanche in Quebec City to participate in Chambres d'Hotel, a series of installation works in downtown hotels. Jeff Norgren's work borrows from the language of set designers to create a new vernacular for installation art.


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