Jon Baturin   Evidence of Justice

December 4, 1993 - January 16, 1994

Curator: Joan Stebbins
Organized by the Southern Alberta Art Gallery with funding assistance from The Canada Council.

Jon Baturin’s exhibition features his large photographic installation, Evidence of Justice, as well as selections from XY Crisis, an ongoing series of photoworks. The former utilizes as imagery cultural icons and edifices that have been important to Western culture. Sculptural friezes and architectural pediments the artist photographed in western Europe were chosen for their own particular cross-referencing of art history and for their relevance to the shifting concepts of “justice” and “judgement” in Judeo- Christian society. XY Crisis explored some of the distortions that surround gender and sexual identity. The work first began when Baturin read data released by geneticists which explained a process of in-vitro interventions to produce make babies by “improving on the genetic codes of female embryos.” The artist explores the ramifications of such research through a set of structures intended to house a different notion of truth about gender and about gender stereotypes.

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