David Thauberger   Paintings

June 4, 1983 - July 3, 1983

Organized by the Dunlop Art Gallery with funding assistance from the Saskatchewan Arts Board and the Canada Council.

David Thauberger’s paintings are celebrations of place. The place in Saskatchewan and the artist’s understanding of that region is reiterated in each painting. Vernacular prairie architecture is examined with affectionate regard and presented in a straightforward manner that imbues it with peculiar dignity. Thauberger’s attention to detail and pattern, combined with the use of flat pictorial space, are reminiscent of the naïve conventions of folk artists. However, here we are never unaware of the underlying sophisticate who has paused to examine his own roots. The paintings convey a sense of community with understanding, wit and more than a little reverence. As in folk art, once can sense the enjoyment the artist took from the actual process of creating work.
Thauberger says:

It’s fun to deal with those things as I sense them and feel them. I don’t feel that nostalgia is necessarily an inferior emotion. There’s a nostalgic note, an ironic, an ironic note, a realistic note, an abstract note- all these things I try to bring into the picture.


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