Lynne Hunter-Johnston   Masks

May 1, 1983 - May 29, 1983

The work of Lethbridge artist, Lynne Hunter- Johnston is familiar to many local residents who have enjoyed viewing her art in the context of theatre. This exhibition is designed to show the masks as sculptural objects that can be animated by performance.

The history of the mask is as old and varied as man’s own. We associate masks with primitive societies; they were ritualistic objects. Yet they were also used by highly sophisticated cultures to enrich and define their existence. Lynne Hunter-Johnson acknowledges all of these sources in her work, and feels that she is extending a tradition:

The masks attempt to break the barriers between three-dimensional and the soul or spirit; the hidden yet the necessary; the continuum. There is also a desire to revive the rich texture of ritual and ceremony that is no longer a part Western culture. The images are not consciously like African, American, Indian, Eskimo or any other primitive image. This desire to discover what is underneath seems to leaf naturally to primitive images.

As I am creating a piece I try to draw from my own energy and to infuse the new growing work with it – as if putting magic into it. My hope is that this energy or magic will radiate from the piece to the viewer.

~Lynne Hunter Johnston

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