Tonie Leshyk   Drawings and Sculpture

April 2, 1983 - April 24, 1983

"I spend a long time working out pieces, which are usually created in a series. This time is spent on the concept of the work, on the physical nature and the emotions reflected. Once conceived, the work falls into a natural, flowing rhythm. I will use any material technique to make the image I want, whether two-dimensional, three-dimensional, working-drawing, photography or sculpture.

My work recently deals with coming to terms with an inheritance and an obsession. Construction . . . it is an intimate understanding that I have and deals with a relationship in my life, past and present. My father was a contractor and my husband is a builder. I renovated my own house. I had to start dealing with it. Even though I tried to keep it on a formal level, it is still based on an emotional reaction. The issues I’m dealing with in all the houses are very real issues everybody because everybody makes a nest or home. The titles reflect the emotion and stress we feel about our own space.

The work is an insight I have because of this knowledge and relationship. The work is also a portrait and a reflection of what I am trying to investigate, perceive, and then visualize and therefore understand."

- Tonie Leshyk

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