David Rossiter   Photographs

April 2, 1983 - April 24, 1983

“I consider my photographs to be found art. Confronted by the larger world, my contribution to the creative process is in recognizing the separate images contained in fractions of that world. By recording and recreating these images with a quality that reflects the immediacy of my initial vision, I attempt to transmit the spirit and life I see implicit in nature. For me, the challenge of photography is to isolate and capture these quieter mysteries in the most precise way possible. Whatever we invent or dream of, we are inevitable one with nature and must find ways to recognize the harmony within our reach. Man should pause and reflect on order to rediscover himself through the natural world.”

The majority of this collection is part of an ongoing project to make a series of images that reflect my own environment and reveal a subtle grace and beauty that is often overlooked.”

~David B. Rossiter

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