Ron Shuebrook   Reliefs and Drawings

April 2, 1983 - April 24, 1983

Organized by the Southern Alberta Art Gallery with funding assistance from the Canada Council.

“My one intention is to make work that evokes, through working process and image, a sense of my own doubt and ambivalence about this world. Perhaps, these works can function as metaphors for the experience of others. I cannot be certain. I think if my own work has any reason for being, or any expressive power at all, that it’s tied to my understanding of formal issues in conjunction with private meanings, subjective subjects.

The marks that I make most naturally are curves because my joints move that way. When I want a straight line, I use a tool that enables me to make a straight line with the most efficiency and authority. There is an attempt to unify my own body movements with the potentials provided by culturally produced materials. I want to integrate these two factors with other visual elements. I am aligned with many other contemporary artists who still believe in the hard-won vocabulary of modernist abstraction. I still see its potential for vital expression – extended further by artist of integrity, knowledge and talent. There still remains much to say.”
~Ron Shuebrook

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