Various Artists   German Poster Art

January 8, 1983 - January 30, 1983

Organized by the Goethe Institute and circulated by the National Museums International Programme.

For decades the poster has informed the public of political, social, and cultural happenings. Posters have captivated the imagination of the viewer, rather than simply announcing objective information. In Germany, an increased utilization of the poster over the past few years has led to greater demands being made on the limited amount of posting space. Due to strict legal control, competition is high, not only for available space but also for design quality and production. This exhibition was selected to demonstrate the range of posters produced in Germany.

Theatre in the Federal Republic contributes a large selection of designs and subjects to the assemblage of printed material as an endeavour is made to fill the 159,300 seats in the German theatres. Featured in the exhibition are posters from some of the best-known theatres such as the Oper der Stadt Koln, National theatre Manheim, and the Hessisches Staatstheatre Wiesbaden.

Rising attendance figures reflect the resurgence of the cinema and the German film industry.  There are 3, 100 cinemas in the Federal Republic with a total of 1, 138, 000 seats. Such features as Sgt. Pepper, Eine Hochzeit, Tod oder Freigeit (Death or Liberty), and Der Nachportier (The Night Porter), contribute their posters to this collection.

The poster has a dynamic role in our multi-faceted world. It is the interface of economic, political, and leisurely issues, reflecting the trend of today and creating reminiscences of yesterday. This exhibition highlights posters from the worlds of theatre, cinema, and publishing in the Federal Republic of Germany.

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