Irene McCaugherty   Watercolours

December 4, 1982 - January 3, 1983

Irene McCaugherty’s work reveals her close ties to the area where she has spent her life. Born in 1914 in the small coalmining town of Hardieville just north of Lethbridge, McCaugherty spend many years actively participating in the pioneering ranch life of southern Alberta. Her past has encompassed experiences from the homesteading of land on the Milk River Ridge with her parents to the development of a ranch in the Porcupine Hills where she and her husband spend the early years of their marriage.

In 1960 Irene McCaugherty began translating her memories into paintings. With watercolour and long, narrow stripe of paper she was able to find a format which expressed the vast horizontal expanses of the prairie landscape and still contain the intimacy of her drawings portraying the activities of daily life. Her eye for detail and interest in the rituals of western living are evident in her work. A lack of formal training allowed McCaugherty to develop a personal style unaffected by academic concerns. Her images project a vitality and honesty that they viewer recognizes as authentic. They speak of the artist and her world in a language that is Universal.

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