Dennis Burton   Landscape Drawings

October 30, 1982 - November 24, 1982

Dennis Burton Landscape Drawings is the second exhibition of works by artist Dennis Burton to appear at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery. In November 1977, a major retrospective exhibition, circulated by the Robert McLaughlin Gallery of Oshuwa, was viewed by the Lethbridge audience. This exhibition consists of works conceived in a brief period of 1081. Executed in brush and ink, these drawings demonstrate his awesome facility in a demanding medium. It is apparent that Burton is one of Canada’s most proficient draftsmen.

Specifically, this series of drawings arose from years of the artist’s travels in Canada and the U.S.A., wherein it was his practice to photograph various scenes of interest. Twenty-four years of this practice led to an impressive slide file of material. It appears that a fascination with the difficulty of translating from colour slide into black and white drawings was of as much interest to the artist as the subject matter itself.

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