Ann Harbuz   Paintings

October 30, 1982 - November 23, 1982

Saskatchewan folk artist, Ann Harbuz, first started painting in 1967 after admiring the world of a neighbour. Her paintings spontaneously record incidents specific to her personal history and common to pioneer life on the prairies. She describes her paintings as real. By this she refers not to a particular manner of painting but to her interest in recording real events and specific details as she remembers them.

The vernacular within Ann Barbuz’s paintings articulates the artist’s life experience and carries with it an innate sense of aesthetics. Her works show little regard for formal/technical considerations and focus instead on content and subject matter.

The anecdotal nature of Ann Harbuz’s paintings combine fact, fiction and fantasy to produce timeless/joyous recollections of what has transpired in her lifetime. Her stylistic vocabulary is her own invented out of necessity with the same spirit that helped her through many hardships and daily challenges.

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