David Wharton   Lithographs

October 30, 1982 - November 23, 1982

Organized by the Southern Alberta Art Gallery

David Wharton lives in Ketchum, Idaho where he is currently Director of Fine Arts for the Sun Valley Centre for the Arts and Humanities in Sun Valley Centre in Sun Valley. Since his graduation in from Cranbrook Academy (M.F.A. Michigan 1977), Wharton has maintained a prodigious rate of production in the printmaking process. In the main, his recent work has involved the process of plate lithography. Working directly on large aluminium plates, Wharton chronicles the world as he sees it. The works are personal, insightful mystery tours relating to places, people, situations and paradoxes that have an unreal (one hesitates to use the world surreal) resonance with many of one’s own experiences. The oblique and peculiar objectivity, the crystalline perceptions realized when one occupies a transcendent state – these things are operant in the graphic works of David Wharton.

Stylistically the works refer to diverse sources. The decorative patterning of hand-drawn borders and the strong black and white figurations refer strongly to the decoration of ancient Greek figures pottery. Indeed, this cross cultural reference and influence is lampooned in Neo Tex Mex Amphora- 1982, the shades of ancient Greek pottery visited upon the art conventions of the contemporary American west.

Wharton’s work is the product of a master printer, technically and inspirationally. His work view as revealed through his images has been shaped by the experience of the eclectic circus of western culture as it performs in the U.S.A. today.

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