Pauline McGeorge   A Closer Look

October 2, 1982 - October 30, 1982

Pauline McGeorge is well known in Southern Alberta as a founding member of the University of Lethbridge Art Department. Her devotion to teaching over the past fifteen years has fostered neglect in critical attention for the art she has steadily produced. Her early interest in figurative drawing serves as a foundation for her recent preoccuption with natural forms. From delicate watercolour studies of trees and flowers she has proceeded to large format work in oil on paper. McGeorge find the flexibility of oils allows her time to change her mind and manipulate the surface to produce a stronger image. Her latest series of work reflects a new strength and sureness of approach. She has turned to her garden as a source of subject matter and clearly finds inspiration in her cabbage patch. Her eye for hidden structure is a reminder of how casually we tend to regard our surroundings and her reverence for nature is confidently transmitted to the viewer.
Concerning her recent work McGeorge says:

We don’t take enough time out from our mutual rat race to stop, look, listen, smell and love the world of life around us. What I paint about are those moments I take out from the race to really look closely. The natural world is very beautiful and gives us our life.

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